CHEVAL SHOW SHIRTS- Purple and Blue Check

  • CHEVAL SHOW SHIRTS- Purple and Blue Check
  • CHEVAL SHOW SHIRTS- Purple and Blue Check

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All shirts: 

  • Beautiful quality and fit with lots of fun details and function...Handmade In Canada! 
  • 100% cotton, 100 thread count - a lot higher than usual, so it feels fabulous while being very strong and breathable 
  • The first and only shirt with a roll up sleeve tab 
  • Snap-and-go collar and pearly snaps on cuffs 
  • Body is longer than usual so it doesn't come un-tucked
This shirt: 
  • Crisp white with white sateen stripe 
  • Navy blue & Purple Plaid 
  • Purple top-stitching that ads flair close up but isn't noticeable under a jacket in the show ringz
Follow these steps to determine your size:
NOTE: You will take at least one size larger than you usually would. They fit small.
  1. Measure your bust size, and add 1.5"- 2.0". 
  2. Find the closest Bust measurement in the chart below and choose the corresponding size. 
  3. Check that the other measurements (Neck, Waist, Seat) for that size will fit you. 
Bust Neck Waist Seat
Size 4 35" 15.50" 29" 38"
Size 6 36.5" 15.75" 30.5" 40.5"
Size 8 38" 16" 32" 42"
Size 10 39.5" 16.25" 33.5" 43.5"
Size 12 41" 16.50" 35" 45"
Size 14 42.5" 17" 36.5" 46.5"
Size 16 44" 17.5" 38" 48"
Size 18 45.5" 18" 39.5" 49.5"

 Since the shirts are fitted, you will want to make sure there is enough extra room to allow for good movement when riding. Typically, you will take one size larger than you would for a fashion shirt. If you need any help determining your size just contact us.

Care: They can be Dry cleaned or washer/dryer. They are 100% cotton, so they could shrink up to 1/4" if you wash in hot and put in the dryer. Best to wash in cold, shape, and hang to dry.

Type Show Shirts
Vendor Cheval

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