Coronet Stirrup Irons

  • Coronet Stirrup Irons

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Coronet Fillis Irons Double Jointed.

Coronet products are made of the finest metals and materials and are held to the highest standards of quality control. Every piece is polished and inspected before leaving the factory. Close attention is paid to detail to make sure that all items will pass the criteria for breed and disciple regulations where appropriate. The Double jointed action of these stirrups gives the rider reliefand helps to eliminate crampingankles, sore calf muscles, knees and lower back. Just enough give without being sloppy. NEW color on side rubber is gray as shown - this matches the stainless steel part of the irons for a cleaner, more professional look.


Type Stirrup Irons
Vendor Dapple Gray
Tags Accessories, Horse Show, Tack

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